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Your cooperation in helping to maintain clean campsites and clean sanitary facilities is appreciated. Campers or visitors who will not comply with the above listed rules or instructions from the management will be required to leave this camp immediately

• Parents are responsible for the care and safety of their children at all times.
• Children under 6 (six) years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult to the restrooms and showers.
• DO NOT cut, uproot, or destroy any plant or tree.
• DO NOT drive nails into trees.
• Campers must be quiet between the hours of 11:00 pm and 8:00 am. Children must be at a camp site during this period.
• Check-out time 3:00pm. Check-in time 4:00 pm
• All campers or visitors must register upon arrival.
• Drive vehicle slowly and carefully, 10MPH speed limit.
• Only one car at each campsite. Second car and/or guest’s cars MUST be parked in areas marked “Parking” (Fire Dept. Rule)
• Remove extension mirrors from car immediately after trailer is parked.
• No smoking in rest rooms.
• Golf CARTS are allowed with valid campground permit only. Must be 16 years of age and have valid driver’s license or accompanied by a licensed operator.
• BIKES NYS Law requires anyone under the age of 14 to wear a helmet.
• MOTORCYCLES permitted to and from site only. Helmets must be worn.
• MINI BIKES – ATVs Not permitted.
• CAMPFIRES – Please build a campfire where others have had their fire. Extinguish campfire before leaving.
• PASSES – Each motor vehicle must display camp pass on rear view mirror.
• No permanent antennas. No clotheslines.
• GARBAGE DISPOSAL Place all garbage in garbage can or garbage bags. Garbage is picked up each morning.
• Clothing, dishes and cooking utensils must not be washed in lavatories or showers.
• SWIMMING & POOL Obey all posted rules and life guard directions. Children MUST be accompanied by a parent.
• BOATING No boating within 150 ft. of beach. No skiing within 150 ft. of docks. Boat trailers may be parked in boat trailer parking area. Pull only into the slip that is assigned to you.


• If you bring your pet, please submit a vaccination certificate to our office.
• Pets must be controlled on a leash by all campers at all times at your site.
• Pets are not allowed in any building.
• Pets are not allowed without leashes off site at any time. Pet exercise area is marked. Please clean up after you pet.

Dock Rules

• Use only slips assigned.
• No bicycles or golf carts on dock.
• No running on dock.
• Tie boat to wood posts. Do not tie to metal stakes.
• No fishing near docked boats.
• No one under 18 permitted on dock or lake front after dark, unless accompanied by an adult over age 21.
• All boats must have a Camp Chautauqua sticker in a visible spot on boat (wind shield).
• DO NOT block other trailers or cars with your trailer or car.
• Use center meadow when this parking area is full.
• POURING YOUR OWN GAS, from your containers into your boat, while at our dock, is strictly prohibited.

Pool Rules

• NO food or drink inside fence.
• NO smoking.
• NO pierced earrings or hanging jewelry in pool.
• Swimsuits only.
• NO diving, jumping or running in pool area.
• NO face masks or fins in pool.
• NO balls or toys in pool.
• NO diaper or diaper-aged children in large pool.
• Persons 16 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
• ONLY camp-owned pool furniture within the fence.